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Customized to individual calorie level needed for fat-loss.

The Instant Diet Plan takes into account each person's unique caloric requirements. This ensures that the diet plan is specifically designed to optimize fat loss for each individual.

Designed to ensure that you don't feel hungry!

Our meal plan offers five daily meals, and customers have the flexibility to select from three meal options for each meal, ensuring variety and personal preferences are catered to throughout the day.

Every meal has an ideal macronutrient ratio for fat-loss.

Each meal is designed with a specific balance of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats to optimize fat loss and support overall health. The diet plan can help individuals achieve their fat-loss goals more effectivel

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The most fundamental principle that both Dr. Dhurandhar senior and junior follow is that they are not just giving you a diet for fat loss, their diet also addresses any health issues you may have like high cholesterol, high BP, diabetes, etc. So, the fat loss program is centered around good health
Aamir Khan
Star of "Dangal"
I was so pleased to slowly see results that I’m losing weight while still eating everything I would normally if didn’t undertake this diet plan. It changed me mentally and physically. I truly am more than delighted to see the results and undertake such a impactful plan that helped me achieve what I desired
Akshay Patel
lost 14 kgs in 12 weeks
After some time in the program, I now have good energy levels, although it has been challenging to reduce ghee and not drink full-cream milk. This is only in the short term. My key to success is to be honest and follow guidance provided by Dr. Nikhil. If you are considering joining, certainly join.
Charmi D.

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